Our history

Year 1991.

  •  Hosser. At the dawn of our creation.
  •  First steps in being a partner with biggest European manufacturers of technical equipment (Stulz, Wolf, Kieback&Peter, Admeco).


  • Operations on the Russian market. Delivering and installing equipment of European vendors, active advancing in implementation of complex operation suites projects in health-care industry.

Year 1994.

  • Implementation of the first climate control system project for switch boards. The customer for the project – Alcatel.
  • Implementation of the first project in creating a high-precision cold supply system for MRI scanner. The customer for the project – Siemens.

Year 1996.

  • A 1500 m2 clean room featuring laminar flow technology, the first one of this kind in the CIS, was designed and built in child health municipal centre № 1 in Nizhniy Novgorod. This surgery suite consists of 5 operating rooms.
  • Focusing on “Construction of clean rooms in health-care industry” direction as the main one for the future development of the company.

Year 2000.

  • Spinning off a separate business entity, Engineering Bureau “Hosser” LTD, within Hosser group of companies and mapping a clear cut strategy for the principal direction.

Year 2004.

  • First contract and start of partnership with Toshiba.

Year 2005.

  • First contract and start of partnership with Siemens.

Year 2007.

  • Start of partnership with Maquet. The first joint project with Almazov federal heart, blood and endocrinology center in St. Petersburg.

Year 2010.

  • Setting up 4 regional representative offices: for Moscow and the Moscow Region, Center federal district, Ural federal district and Siberian federal district.


  • The company has implemented more than 150 significant projects in the area of health care in Russia.